Welcome to the future of MC EFCU!

On April 16, 2019, MC EFCU took on a new name, new logo and new colors. As of that date, Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union became known as SkyPoint Federal Credit Union.

Not to worry — the same friendly faces, great financial services, and convenient locations will stay the same.

View our FAQ guide for members on the SkyPoint FCU brand below.



Our credit union's role has changed over the past few decades, shifting from purely serving one corporate partner to a community with over 2,500,000 individuals. And we remain mostly public-service based. However, it doesn't define us. What we have found is who we serve — and who we are — cannot be labeled by industry or boxed in by borders.

Our work at Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union is about building on what's right and getting members to see what's possible. Every credit union associate serves each member with open arms — never fixated on the problems but focused on simple solutions. Our credit union is changing the way people feel about life and finances.

I'm incredibly excited to announce MC EFCU is now SkyPoint Federal Credit Union. We want to help our members live life fully — to "fly high" with goals and ambitions. Our mission has long been to empower you on your personal journey. We are collectively working toward a common goal of making Montgomery County and our surrounding communities stronger.


James H. Norris, III, President and CEO



Why did MC EFCU change their name?

Our roots run deep serving Montgomery County employees. However, our membership eligibility includes the District of Columbia; Frederick and Montgomery counties in Maryland; and Alexandria, Arlington County, and Falls Church in Virginia.

Today, your fellow member-owners on the board of directors have recognized the need to adjust to the changing needs of our members and community, and thus, the unveiling of our new name, SkyPoint Federal Credit Union.

Is the credit union in financial trouble? Have you been sold or merged?

No! We are the same credit union with the same employees and board members as before, but with a new name. We are happy and proud to report SkyPoint Federal Credit Union remains financially strong and safe. Unlike many other financial institutions in our community, changing our name is not the result of a buyout or merger. You, our members, are still our only owners.

Is my money still safe here?

Absolutely! Your deposits are still federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration.

What happens to my accounts (checks, debit cards, credit cards, etc.) as a result of the name change?

Good news! Your account number and information will stay the same. There is nothing you need to do because of the name change. You can continue to use your current MC EFCU checks until you run out. When it is time to reorder, SkyPoint Federal Credit Union will appear on your next order. Likewise, when your debit or credit card is due for reissue, you will receive a new SkyPoint card. The 16-digit number will remain the same and your current debit and credit card will continue to work until you receive your new cards in the mail.

What happens to the MC EFCU website and online banking?

The name and address of our website have changed to reflect our new name. Our new web address is skypointfcu.org. We will continue to redirect mcefcu.org to the new site if you enter our old web address or have it marked as one of your "favorites." However, please update or save the new website as a new "favorite."

You are still able to conduct your financial business as usual. You can still enjoy convenient access to your account(s) from the convenience of your computer, tablet and phone.

What happens to the MC EFCU mobile app?

The mobile app is being updated to feature our new name and look. The app itself isn't new, however it is an update of our current one. If you have the MC EFCU mobile app on your phone or tablet, you will notice an update for it reflecting the new name, SkyPoint Federal Credit Union. Like every update, you will just need to agree to the terms and conditions. Your login information is not changing, so continue using your current username and password from the previous app. The functions of the app will continue to work as they always did.

Do I need to change my direct deposit or let my employer know about this change?

Your account number will not change, so your direct deposit will post as usual.

Do I need to update my bill pay service or automatic payments?

You may conduct your online bill payment transactions as usual. Any automatic payments you have set up will proceed as usual. However, deposits or bank drafts from another institution to your credit union account will need to be changed from MC EFCU to SkyPoint Federal Credit Union.

Do I need to order new checks? Will my MC EFCU checks still work?

Please continue to use your current MC EFCU checks until you reach the point when it's time to order new ones. When you reorder, your new checks will have SkyPoint Federal Credit Union on them.

With a new name, does this show up as a new listing or impact my credit report in any way?

SkyPoint Federal Credit Union will be listed on the credit report, just as MC EFCU was previously listed. However, this will not affect your credit score.

Will there be other significant changes to the credit union as a result of the name change?

Not at all. Although our name is changing, our mission is still the same. We're here to make banking simple. For the Montgomery County community, we provide more than just checking accounts and loans, but are evolving the way people feel about life and finances.

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