Who is SkyPoint Federal Credit Union?

SkyPoint Federal Credit Union is one of the premier financial institutions serving Montgomery County, MD; Frederick County, MD; Arlington County, VA; Alexandria and Falls Church, VA and the District of Columbia. We strive to offer our members a wide array of financial services, supported by the best technology, and offering great value through our member-owned structure.

SkyPoint Federal Credit Union was formerly known as Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union. In April 2019, the credit union changed names to better reflect our growing and diverse membership.

SkyPoint's History

1968 Established as Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union to serve the financial needs of Montgomery County, Maryland government employees. The Credit Union begins with one employee and is located in Montgomery County's Council Office Building (COB).
1974 Due to steady growth and the demand for additional financial services, the Credit Union outgrows its space at the COB facility and it moves to 64 Court House Square.
1991 The Credit Union relocates its Rockville branch to 20 Courthouse Square, where it still remains today.
2008 A new corporate headquarters and branch opens in Germantown, MD. Assets have surpassed $70 million.
2016 The Credit Union continues to grow and assets are over $110 million.
2019 Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union becomes SkyPoint Federal Credit Union.


Credit Unions Other Financial Institutions
Not-for-profit cooperatives For-profit enterprises
Owned by members Owned by outside stockholders
Profit returned to members Profit paid to outside stockholders
Operated by mostly volunteer boards Controlled by paid boards

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help make banking simple for our members and to provide the best possible financial services to meet their needs by:

  • Offering competitive services in a professional and friendly environment.
  • Promoting thrift and encouraging sound personal asset management.
  • Maintaining the financial integrity of the organization and protecting the members' assets placed in our care.

Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee  

SkyPoint is fortunate to have a strong, all-volunteer, Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee with backgrounds in both the public and private sectors. The Board of Directors, elected by the membership, guides the credit union in its direction and decisions. A Director's term is three years.

Board of Directors
Melvin Tull Chairman 
Richard (Bryan) Hunt Vice Chairman
Chris Gillis Secretary 
Joseph N. Sparacino Treasurer 
Rosser L. Campbell, Jr.  Assistant Treasurer 
James A. Fenner, Jr.  Security Officer 
Jay Pollack  Membership Officer 
Annette Luyegu  Assistant Security Officer 
Justina Ferber Assistant Secretary